Three tips to generate more clients with Messenger Marketing

The easiest way to grow your business

1.- Turn your email list into Messenger contacts

Creating a list of your potential clients is a very important marketing strategy.

Here we have a strategy you can use on your email list subscribers to turn them into Facebook Messenger subscribers.

1. Start linking Messenger in your Emails

Here’s how you do it:

1. Create a Chatbot your leads can subscribe to in Facebook Messenger.

2. Send your link to all your email subscribers.

3. Create a Facebook audience that sends traffic to your chatbot so it can subscribe them to it’s sequence.

2.- Promote blogs and Messenger ads

Now, traditionally, with ads facebook ads with which you send traffic to your webpages are like this:

1. $ 5- $ 10 per result

2. Traffic to your Web page is anonymous (You don’t know the profile of the visitor)

3. Traffic to your site will pass without leaving a trail and you won’t be able to contact the client later

Here we have a strategy to better the performance of your ads through Messenger:

1. $2-$3 per result minimum

2. Higher conversion rate, each click is a new contact in Facebook Messenger.

3. You’ll have the contact information thanks to the Facebook AI, with the opportunity to follow up later.

3.Lead Generation Flows

Why use this?

Nobody likes filling out static and boring forms…this type of campaign allows you to compile a vast amount of information about leads (we’re talking name, number, email etc.) so you can follow up and seal the deal.

Benefits: Compile a massive list of leads so you can send it to your sales team to close on them.




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