What is Messenger Marketing and why should you use it?

An introduction to the future of Marketing

Surely you’ve heard how chatbots have started to replace what is email marketing, will replace customer service agents, will reduce your costs and maximize your profits. All while you sleep

What are Facebook Messenger bots?

A chatbot is a piece of automated messenger software that is used to generate conversations with people.

Bots are programmed to understand questions, give answers, and execute tasks. From the client’s perspective, it is an easy, and friendly time-saver.

If you’re on Facebook, you probably already have a strategy for Facebook Messenger. A Facebook Messenger bot is how you can enhance that strategy.

Why use Facebook Messenger Bots for business?

Facebook Messenger is the third most-used utility application in the world, used by 68% of Facebook Users. And that’s not just for group chats between friends and family. A recent study by Nielsen found that people think that Messenger is the second best way to talk to their business. People exchange 2 billion messages with businesses through Facebook each month.

If you want to communicate with your clients, creating a Facebook Messenger bot is significantly cheaper than creating a mobile app.

What a Messenger Chatbot can help you do:

People have a 3.5 times higher likelihood of opening a Facebook message than a marketing email. Given that clients also respond much quicker, it’s more likely to widen your marketing funnels.

On top of that, Facebook Messenger has sponsored ads, that you can send to whoever has had previously contacted your Facebook page. This means that if you have a list of subscribers, you can use these ads with your chatbot to direct potential clients.

It also saves time and money in customer service: Clients expect 24/7 availability, and hate waiting. What’s more is that they typically ask the same questions.

How are businesses using Facebook Messenger Bots?

Each bot is as unique as the business it serves.

● 24/7 attention to the client

● Manages sales and online payments

● Sends news and information about the company

● Creates trust and empathy

● Quick Replies

By testing strength and measuring performance, we are monitoring how chatbots will continue to evolve in the market. After all, we are talking about artificial intelligence.

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