Evolving Marketing for the Digital Age

The Dodo, a flightless bird native to the island of Mauritius, but became extinct when its natural way of life was disrupted.  If we are interrupted with something while trying to execute our marketing plan will the company survive? Or will we become like the Dodo?

Look how far we have come since the radio in 1922.  Marketing has changed drastically since that time.  It is evolving.  There are many platforms that can be used nowadays and it is important that we evolve so that our marketing doesn’t die.  

We must take advantage of the different marketing channels.  As we do, we can increase our audience numbers and our effectiveness.  

Some questions we may want to ask maybe:

  • What are my overall marketing goals?  
  • Are my efforts aimed at reaching those goals? 
  • Who is my audience? And where are they spending their time? 

What other efforts could produce the same if not better results? 

Many companies fail because of their unwillingness to evolve.  Sometimes keeping up with new and ever-changing things can be hard. But we don’t want to be like the Dodo bird and only reach for the low-hanging fruit.  Because if we do, our marketing too, will become extinct.  



Heidy Nelson

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