What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is increasing quality and the quantity of traffic to your website through organic posts.  

So what are we optimizing? Everything! Optimizing what you are writing in your posts.  Your images.  The whole thing.  The goal is to have your post seen by a search engine like Google, organically, or without paying for it to be seen by someone who does a search. We want your post to show up when someone types in a keyword.  

Approximately 75% of searches begin on Google.com.  Do you think many people actually scroll to the second page of searches to find anything?  Usually not.  They most likely chose one of the choices on the top of the first page.  

SEO isn’t something that will take your business upthrough the roof over night. It takes time, consistency and quality content.  If you Google SEO you will see more than a handful of companies you can hire for SEO. To do it yourself or hire a company is completely up to you and what is best for your business.   

Overall, SEO may or may not be something that is important for your business.  Having your website at the top of a Google search will improve the traffic and possibly sales on your website.  And sales on your website is good for business.  

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