Should you have a Blog?

Should you have a Blog?

What is the purpose of a blog? Is it necessary to have one for your business?

The purpose of a blog is to gain more website traffic by creating useful content. It creates brand awareness while also communicating with your audience.

No. It is not necessary for you to have a blog and have a successful company.

The difference between a Facebook post and a blog post is that you can go into more detail because you have more space. You aren’t limited to a certain amount of words like in a Facebook or Instagram post. The amount of space you need is up to you. Some people do not like to read blogs. As many of them can be far too long. You can lose the interest of the person reading it. And then your point isn’t made in the post because they never actually finish reading it.

If you Google why blog in 2019, you will find on the first page that there are contradicting posts right off the bat. 7 Great Reasons to Start a Blog. Then immediately following, 8 Reasons You Should NOT Start a Blog. It all comes down to how much detail you want to give your clients/customers. How in-depth do you want to go in the subject? You can also have it be strictly informative. All good things to consider before you start.

The key to a blog is consistency. Consistent writing brings clients and potential clients back to your website. Do not just write once and never again. Make sure that it is something you can commit to investing time in.