Digital Marketing Vs. Online Marketing

Digital Marketing Vs. Online Marketing

Is there actually a difference in Digital Marketing and Online Marketing? Are they the same thing?

Both require a live internet connection of course. Both use SEO and SEM. But they don’t do exactly the same things. Don’t be confused by this. Actually it’s quite simple.

Digital Marketing uses things like” Social Media Channels, Web sites, SEO or content, SMS, mobile marketing. Also included is, email marketing and pay per click campaigns. And of course websites. Digital Marketing uses Online Marketing to get the best results possible.

Online Marketing many times is called Internet Marketing. Really it is a subset of Digital Marketing. Online Marketing is when you use various social media channels. Including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. Internet marketing is actually the most important part of Digital Marketing.

To conclude, Online Marketing is just something that is done IN Digital Marketing. Not something different. They work together to make Digital Marketing come full circle and be complete.