What is your story?

The story of your business. Have you ever considered telling your story?  Not just telling your story, but telling your story while advertising?  Advertising can be a great way to tell a story.  And if you tell a great story if it’s a story that can reach people, touch their.
  • Avatarby Heidy Nelson
  • Dec 11, 2019

Evolving Marketing for the Digital Age

The Dodo, a flightless bird native to the island of Mauritius, but became extinct when its natural way of life was disrupted.  If we are interrupted with something while trying to execute our marketing plan will the company survive? Or will we become like the Dodo? Look how far.
  • Avatarby Heidy Nelson
  • Dec 03, 2019

Should You Have a Blog?

What is the purpose of a blog? Is it necessary to have one for your business? The purpose of a blog is to gain more website traffic by creating useful content. It creates brand awareness while also communicating with your audience. No. It is not necessary for you to.
  • Avatarby Heidy Nelson
  • Nov 26, 2019