A/B Testing

Do you know exactly what it is that your target audience likes? Perfectly? Most people don’t either. They are our target audience, after all, so we should have a pretty good idea. The problem is not everyone likes exactly the same thing. Sometimes when we aim for our target, unfortunately, we miss our mark. Don’t worry. It’s all part of the process.

So, here’s where it gets fun. You choose two different ads. They can have the same image and different wording. Or two completely different images. Run both ads at the same time. And see which ad gets the better results of the two. You can set up A/B ads to be run on Facebook with very little difficulty.

When we do this we find what it is that is more appealing to your audiences. It could be that a certain color caught their eye. If you use the same image and different wording, you can see what they connect with.

What happens if neither of them is getting results. That might be time to step back and reevaluate your audience. Having your audience known is key. If you don’t reach people who are interested in your product, then it’s kind of like throwing your money in the trash. And no one wants to do that!



Heidy Nelson

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